Our Standardised Generic Phrase List


As stated elsewhere on this site, you should also build back-links with standard phrases like 'Click Here', 'Try This Out' and 'Check Out This Site' etc. as this is what will happen in the 'real-world'.

To help you with this, we have a large list below of well over 200 generic phrases, which you can use to 'blur the edges' of an SEO campaign - and help prevent keyword over-optimisation. Of course, this isn't necessary if you're using our Naturalisation option; as we do this for you.

Some Examples:

Click Here, Click HERE, Click here, Click for info, Click For Info, Click For INFO, Click for more, Click For More, Click For MORE, Click for more info, Click For More Info, Click For MORE INFO, Click here for info, Click Here For Info, Click HERE For Info, Click HERE For INFO, Click here for more info, Click Here For More Info, Click HERE For More Info, Click HERE For MORE INFO, Click To Find Out More, CLICK To Find Out More, Click Here To Find Out More, CLICK HERE To Find Out More, Click To Investigate, CLICK To Investigate, Click Here To Investigate, CLICK HERE To Investigate, Check here, Check Here, Check HERE, Find Out More, Find Out MORE, Look Here, Look HERE, Look here, Try Here, Try here, Try HERE, Try This Out, Try THIS Out, Try this out, Try These Out, Try THESE Out, Try these out, You can check here, You Can Check Here, You Can Check HERE, You Can Find Out More, You Can Find Out MORE, You Can Look Here, You Can Look HERE, You can look here, You Can Try Here, You can try here, You Can Try HERE, You Can Try This Out, You Can Try THIS Out, You can try this out, You Can Try These Out, You Can Try THESE Out, You Could try these out, You could check here, You Could Check Here, You Could Check HERE, You Could Look Here, You Could Look HERE, You could look here, You Could Try Here, You could try here, You Could Try HERE, You Could Try This Out, You Could Try THIS Out, You Could try this out, You Could Try These Out, You Could Try THESE Out, You could try these out, Why not check here, Why Not Check Here, Why Not Check HERE, Why Not Find Out More, Why Not Find Out MORE, Why Not Look Here, Why Not Look HERE, Why not look here, Why Not Try Here, Why not try here, Why Not Try HERE, Why Not Try This Out, Why Not Try THIS Out, Why not try this out, Why Not Try These Out, Why Not Try THESE Out, Why Not Try these out, Check Out HERE, Check out here, Check Out This Site, Check Out THIS SITE, Check This Out, Check THIS Out, Check this out, Investigate This Site, Investigate THIS Site, Try This Site, Try THIS Site, Look At This Site, Look At THIS Site, Check This Site Out, Check THIS SITE Out, Check this site out, Check these guys out, Check These Guys Out, Check THESE Guys Out, Try these guys out, Try These Guys Out, Try THESE Guys Out, Try These Guys, Try THESE Guys, Try This Website, Try THIS Website, Try This Web-site, Try THIS Web-site, Look These Up, Look THESE Up, Browse This Site, Browse THIS Site, Visit Here, Visit HERE, Visit This Site, Visit THIS Site, Visit These Guys, Visit THESE Guys, Visit This Website, Visit THIS WebSite, Visit This Web-site, Visit THIS Web-Site, Look Here, Look HERE, Look At This Site, Look At THIS Site, Look At These Guys, Look At THESE Guys, Look At This Website, Look At THIS WebSite, Look At This Web-site, Look At THIS Web-Site, Go Here, Go HERE, Go To This Site, Go To THIS Site, Go To These Guys, Go To THESE Guys, Go To This Website, Go To THIS WebSite, Go To This Web-site, Go To THIS Web-Site, Hop Over To Here, Hop Over To HERE, Hop Over To This Site, Hop Over To THIS Site, Hop Over To These Guys, Hop Over To THESE Guys, Hop Over To This Website, Hop Over To THIS WebSite, Hop Over To This Web-site, Hop Over To THIS Web-Site, Pop Over Here, Pop Over HERE, Pop Over To This Site, Pop Over To THIS Site, Pop Over To These Guys, Pop Over To THESE Guys, Pop Over To This Website, Pop Over To THIS WebSite, Pop Over To This Web-site, Pop Over To THIS Web-Site, Browse Around Here, Browse Around HERE, Browse Around This Site, Browse Around THIS Site, Browse Around These Guys, Browse Around THESE Guys, Browse Around This Website, Browse Around THIS WebSite, Browse Around This Web-site, Browse Around THIS Web-Site, Navigate Here, Navigate HERE, Navigate To This Site, Navigate To THIS Site, Navigate To These Guys, Navigate To THESE Guys, Navigate To This Website, Navigate To THIS WebSite, Navigate To This Web-site, Navigate To THIS Web-Site, Have A Peek Here, Have A Peek HERE, Have A Peek At This Site, Have A Peek At THIS Site, Have A Peek At These Guys, Have A Peek At THESE Guys, Have A Peek At This Website, Have A Peek At THIS WebSite, Have A Peek At This Web-site, Have A Peek At THIS Web-Site, Sneak A Peek Here, Sneak A Peek HERE, Sneak A Peek At This Site, Sneak A Peek At THIS Site, Sneak A Peek At These Guys, Sneak A Peek At THESE Guys, Sneak A Peek At This Website, Sneak A Peek At THIS WebSite, Sneak A Peek At This Web-site, Sneak A Peek At THIS Web-Site.

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