Tweaking your products, conversions or landing pages is no use whatsoever - until you have people finding and visiting your site. Traditionally, web marketers utilise a variety of methods to achieve this, including on-page optimisation, article posting, blogging, forum posting, manual link swapping and social media marketing.

But... To compete nowadays, you'll need to build a mountain of permanent back-links from many different websites, (requiring masses of high quality and varied content,) and in-turn drive up your site's ranking and authority. And that's not all...

It's also about maintaining that position, because all professional web marketers continue to add more back-links all the time. Some of your competitors may have a head start of several years, so it's all about who can build the best back-links - on an on-going and continual basis... And that's why Backlink Banzai was put together.

We have access to a large array of general & niche information sites - growing by tens of thousands of new pages every month, and spread across many different IP addresses...

As a member, you'll get up to 1,200 contextual links built every month.

Each link is inserted with a 'relevant' article; you choose from our 60+ content categories. (You never have to supply content.)

Every link is automatically 'Naturalised' with our bespoke anchor-text control system. You choose the level of optimisation/de-optimisation.

And then the really clever part begins...

Over the next 2-4 weeks we build 1,000 blog comment links and 1,000 'profile' links - all pointed at these content pages - and then use our 'crawling' technologies to ensure that these (and the original content links) are slowly found by the search engines (over a period of time - so it doesn't look unnatural or too quick.)

So now you've got thousands more links, in a second 'tier', adding link power to the initial content submissions.

And you can divide these back-links across 20 different websites and pages, utilising different keyword phrases...

We've just created a gigantic 2-tier 'link-pyramid' for you: And we do this EVERY MONTH

If that all sounds confusing, then don't worry - we have an SEO tutorial which explains everything in more depth (as well as some basic SEO theory & strategy,) and we explain how to go about picking the best combinations and what the usual pitfalls are and how to avoid them. See our 'More Info' page for more in-depth explanations.

Only $67 per month

Up to 1200 new contextual links
automatically built for you each & every month
- so you can promote up to 20 different pages or
sites, each via its own specific keyword phrase.

1,000 comment & 1,000 profile links
automatically built for you each & every month,
pointing at the contextual links to form a 2nd tier 'link-pyramid' powered-up SEO structure.

To ensure system integrity and keep the loading at a sensible and consistent level, we have to control the number of members we allow. This means we sometimes close new registrations with no notice...

Don't take any chances: Reserve your place now - and get the benefit of our reduced 'lock-in' price of $67p.m.

An Effective Back-Link Building Program MUST:

  1. Be Easy & Simple To Operate - anyone should be able to follow it - without any technical knowledge at all.
  2. Require Minimal Setup & Management Time.
  3. Have On-Going & Continual Growth - without on-going effort - i.e. Auto-Pilot!
  4. Have No Limits to Back-Link Growth.
  5. Be Easily Controllable for multiple keyword phrases and web-pages/sites.
  6. Be Reliably Managed - to free you up to work on what's important to you.
  7. Offer a CHEAP Solution, with no prohibitive contracts or financial tie-ins.

Compare The Alternatives & You'll Be Shocked...

If you were to calculate the cost of creating 1,000+ fresh new in-bound text-links each and every month, it would cost a fortune; not to mention the time required to organise everything - and engineer the links into powerful SEO link-wheel structures.

And all these links are inserted into a 'relevant' piece of content, and drip-fed naturally over the month. Plus: All link 'anchor texts' are 'naturalised' by our system (according to the settings you choose in the Members Area) to help protect you from the Google Penguin & Panda updates.

If you consider many of the other methods available (and we discuss these on the 'More Info' page,) you'll see that they all cost more, both financially and in terms of the time and effort required. Many SEO and promotion systems can become almost full-time jobs in their own right; speak to anyone who's built a volume of sales websites, and you'll find this to be the case. We've spent a small fortune on salaries for administrators and clerks over the years to manage various promotional activities.

Automation & Systemisation Are The Keys To Your Marketing Success

If you consider the huge amounts of time that you can end up putting into website promotion, then you'll quickly realise, as we did, that your most important activities MUST be systemised and as automatic as possible. Looking back over our years in web promotion, if we added up the financial cost of all those hours spent plugging away at article writing, blog building and admin, submissions of all types, promotional site maintenance and PPC analysis and tweaking, it would be scary.

Our in-house PPC manager spent a good 4 hours per day managing, tracking, analysing and creating Google and Bing/MSN Ads. We've now cut our budget by over 80% with intelligent SEO, and clients we've worked with have slashed theirs by between 50-80% - and reduced management time to less than 1 hour per week.

And Pay-Per-Click Is Getting SO Expensive Now...

And all the while, PPC is consistently getting more expensive and less effective - the ROI is plummeting. Consider this: Most PPC analysis now shows a huge drop-off in click-through as people become more 'resistant' to advertising (who doesn't 'tune-out' when TV Ad's come on now?) Many people will only click on the natural listings.

It's also estimated that only a third of all clicks are new visitors with any possibility of buying. People click on PPC adverts to research & return to a site - and many visit several times and compare multiple sites. So, if your average PPC cost has crept up from $1 to $2 over the last year, then you're actually paying $6 for each new visitor - and that's not a sale - that's just an arrival at your site. And for most marketers, it's much higher than that. You're paying for people's research!

The search engines are the only ones consistently making a profit!

The Hidden 'Opportunity Cost' Of Wasted Time

Another area that many web marketers don't consider is the cost of wasted time. We often use a large percentage of our productive working hours on repetitive promotional tasks; tasks that really should have automated I.T. systems in place. (Many people run their web businesses part-time - so don't have a full working week anyway.)

Most experienced on-line marketers estimate that the vast majority of their efforts are wasted. Editors and owners of the site you're posting to often refuse or delete your work - and you have absolutely no control over this. You have to create several times as many links as you need to get the required amount to stick in the search-engines; it's a lot of work.

And there's absolutely no need for you to produce any content or copy-writing for us. Our team produces all our original material according to strict guidelines - leaving even more time for you. We create and purchase content on a range of subjects for our corporate SEO clients, and your links are essentially 'piggy-backed' onto their services.

Add up all the hours you spend on doing these jobs; and then consider how much more money you could be making by freeing up that time to BUILD your business. Frankly, you'll be astounded!

You should be coming up with new ideas, products, partnerships, joint ventures, promotions, content and good sales copy; not doing marketing admin!

There are just too many distractions in business... It's SO EASY to put a large
chunk of your time into areas that are NOT making money or building clients!

Our system can vastly reduce the time spent on these activities for only $67 per month.

That's just $2.20 per day to have us build your web presence at an unprecedented rate.

You Won't Find A Cheaper & More Effective Out-Sourcing Option!

To ensure system integrity and keep the loading at a consistent level, we have to control the number of members we allow in. Don't take any chances: Reserve your place now at the reduced 'lock-in' price of $67p.m.

We've been providing SEO, I.T. and E-Commerce services since 2004. Our techniques, tools and lists have been refined over this time so we could automate many of our SEO requirements; both for us and for our clients.

During that time we've personally used this system to drive thousands of keyword phrases up the natural rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo & others. We use over 20 different commercial link-building tools and systems, together with 4 proprietary software systems that we've created to integrate and streamline the entire process. If you tried to recreate our system, it would cost you thousands of dollars per month.

Since the entire system was designed for us and our SEO clients (we've just stuck a 'pretty' front-end on it for new members,) it will be continually expanded upon, improved and diversified. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride!


Only $67 per month

Up to 1200 new contextual links
automatically built for you each & every month
- so you can promote up to 20 different pages or
sites, each via its own specific keyword phrase.

1,000 comment & 1,000 profile links
automatically built for you each & every month,
pointing at the contextual links to form a 2nd tier 'link-pyramid' powered-up SEO structure.

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