1. How Much Of My Time Will This Take?
  2. Do I Need To Install Any Software On My Website?
  3. How Do I Subscribe?
  4. How Do I Submit My Pages To The System?
  5. How Many URL's Can I Use?
  6. What If I Want More Than 20 slot's?
  7. Can I Use Foreign Keyword Terms?
  8. Can I Change Where I Point My Links?
  9. Can I Point Multiple Link 'Slots' At The Same Page?
  10. Can I Use More Than One Keyword Per Page?
  11. Is This A Legitimate Method Of Building Back-Links?
  12. What Are The System Rules (Our Ethical Policy)
  13. What Restrictions Are There On Links?
  14. How Does It All Work?
  15. Why Should I Stay With This Link-Building System?
  16. What's The Catch?
  17. Can I Get A List Of The Sites Where My Links Come From?
  18. Will I Get A Monthly Report Of Some Type?
  19. How Do I Know For Certain That My Links Are Building Each Month?
  20. What Tools & Link Building Methods Do You Use?
  21. Are All My Links Submitted As Part Of Proper, Original/Unique Content?
  22. What About Content-Theming or Topic-Relevant Content?
  23. What About Using Newer Sites? How Should I Handle Them?
  24. What Is The Page-Rank (PR) Of The Sites You Submit To?
  25. Will Your System Create A Footprint On My Site?
  26. How Do I Cancel My Subscription?
  27. Can We Remove Links After They're Built?
  28. Do We Guarantee Link Indexing & Site/Page/Link Longevity?
  29. What Happens To My Links If I Cancel My Subscription?
  30. I Want To Ask Another Question That Isn't Covered Here...

How Much Of My Time Will This Take?

None. Once you've taken a few minutes to set up your PayPal subscription payment and enter your link choices, your work is effectively done. All the time-consuming design, posting, site & server management, copywriting, search-engine crawling, commenting and profile-creation is down to the team of specialists at our end. We take care of all the on-going work and maintenance.

The whole idea of this system is to provide a steady stream of on-going links to your site(s) for SEO purposes - without any effort on your part. Then you're free to take care of your business, rather than the link-building.

We've been providing SEO, I.T. and E-Commerce services since 2004. Our systems were purpose-built over 6 years ago so we could automate many of our SEO requirements: both for us and for our clients. During that time we've successfully used this system to drive countless thousands of keyword phrases up the natural rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Do I Need To Upload And Install Any Software On My Website?

No, there's absolutely nothing to upload and install onto your site. Many other systems require this; we don't. Our system leaves a zero-footprint on your site(s).

How Do I Subscribe?

Click on the 'Join Now' button/tab on any page and you'll be directed to PayPal - where you can fill in the required subscription details. You'll then be directed back to our site, where you can choose a login name & password. You'll get subscription confirmation emails from PayPal and an account confirmation email from us.

Then, it's simply a case of entering the 'Members Area' to input and update your chosen back-link combinations.

Each month you'll get an email from PayPal when the payment is made, and one from us to confirm receipt. It's best to file these emails as a receipt of each payment made.

How Do I Submit My Pages To The System?

To submit the URL's and keywords that you wish to drive traffic to, click on the 'Members Area' tab at the top right of any page on our website and enter your user login name & password. If you've lost your login details (shame on you!) then click on the 'Click HERE to recover a lost username and password' link under the login button. This will ask for one of your registered email addresses (one should always be your PayPal email address) and then send you an email with all your details.

Enter the keyword phrases & URL's (web page/site addresses) that you've chosen to build rankings for into our simple form. Help and advice on how to pick these is provided there and throughout this site. Each entry also provides a 'test' hyperlink so you can make sure it is working correctly. ALWAYS use this to test the link.

Because of the size and 'inertia' of our system, it can take a few days for your individual changes and updates to make it through the system and permeate out to the real world. Also, remember that even after a link has been built, it can take a long time to get spidered and indexed by the search engines. Google also effectively adds more 'weight' to the links as they age, so they'll offer more power over time.

How Many URL's Can I Use?

You have '20' slots available per Backlink Banzai account subscription. Each slot allows the use of multiple URLs, with multiple anchor text entries. The whole point of a slot is to isolate a 'theme' or 'topic' and then provide 1 or multiple URL's that match that theme, along with a group of anchor-texts that match those URL's.

Each URL can be for any site or page that meets our ethical guidelines. It makes no difference to us if you use 20 different URL's on 20 different domains, or 20 sub-pages on the same domain, or a mixture of each. You have 20 slot's in total (and each slot can have a single URL, or several randomly chosen options.)

Each Slot/URL has 500 characters of space for anchor-text/keyword-phrases. You can (and should!) enter multiple anchors for each URL/Slot; you simply use the standard '|' delimiter character. With 500 characters, most members find they can use 20-40 keyword phrases.

e.g. Weight Loss|Rapid Weight Loss|Fast Weight Loss|Quick Weight Loss|Weight Loss Diets

The 1st tier contextual back-links are then built evenly across all your slots/URLs. So if you use 10 slots, 10% of your links are built per slot. If you used all 20 slots, then each slot would receive 5% of our backlinks.

You can also identify aged/stronger URL's (or public 2.0's etc.) that can handle a higher link-velocity; we added the 'Boost' function so you can select specific slots for this treatment. You should generally avoid using this feature on brand new domains or those URL's that haven't had a regular flow of links being built; use it where that URL has either had a solid link-building history, or it's a public site (2.0's or high-PR articles/pages etc.) and you're looking to increase the link building without using extra slots. Selecting this option will build double the links for that particular slot.

What If I Want More Than 20 Slot's?

Simple! All members are allowed multiple accounts under the same PayPal address, so you just subscribe to another account to add more slots/URL's. You can have as many accounts as you need (within reason!) and each new account will add another 20 slots. Most members use sequential numbering on their login names to make account management easier e.g. BanzaiUser1, BanzaiUser2, BanzaiUser3 etc.

NOTE: The 20 slot system is hard-coded into our software, for a bunch of necessary reasons. So a change to either the number of slots in an account, or the amount of links provided to each slot would be a huge system change. There are a whole slew of reasons why we can't and wouldn't want to do that. A large percentage of our members have multiple accounts; and most find the system very easy to use and manage.

Can I Use Foreign Keyword Terms?

First, you’d need to accept that all our content creation is in English, so your links would be included in English content. And there are restrictions on characters; the system won’t allow accented characters as anchors for example, as foreign characters often get don't get encoded or displayed properly on some sites.

Since most people search without using the accents etc, this is not normally an issue. But if you come from a country where people search with accented or non-English characters then we can't really help. As long as you’re fine with standard UK keyboard characters and English content; we’re fine with it! We have number of clients promoting Spanish, French, and German pages, with foreign terms.

Specifically, you can use a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and the dot (.) and the hyphen (-) to create your anchor text.

Can I Change Where I Point My Links?

Yes you can, but you should change them infrequently, as the whole point is to build on-going and steady numbers of links to specific places and allow them to age. It's all about 'link-velocity'; and creating a stable and highly diverse one. You'll be given as much time as you need to choose your combinations once you've joined. See the SEO Techniques page for background and advice on how to select your pages and keywords.

Frequent changes will dilute your effectiveness, but a good campaign should cycle phrases over time though to avoid over-optimisation. You should generally leave each slot in place for a full calendar month, to ensure even distribution and treatment by the system. After that, you could rotate slots with different URL's.

You should keep your 'primary' pages in the system though, as these need the constant drip-drip-drip of link 'love'. Google is increasingly looking at social signals and freshness/actvity, and not just overall link-volume, and therefore it's very important to keep links constantly building to show the importance and social-signifance of a page.

It's also worthwhile building web 2.0 properties (high authority social sites such as Hub-Pages, Tumblr, Facebook, MySpace, Wordpress blogs etc.) and sending a portion of your links to these. Obviously, these should direct-link to your key web-pages. You'll get better SEO results if you use some of your links for indirect and pass-through linking such as this - as you effectively leech 'trust-rank' from these sites. It's also an excellent way of reducing the volume of direct-linking to newer sites, which can help with ranking 'bounce' - particularly on newer sites.

SEO strategy is covered in more depth on the SEO Techniques page. There is also a wealth of free information available on the internet around this subject.

Can I Point Multiple Link 'Slots' At The Same Page?

Yes, you can. With each monthly subscription you'll have up to 20 'slots' (URL and keyword combinations.) All of them could be directed to the same page (NOT generally a good idea though!) or to many different landing pages or sites.

You could have 2 slots with the same URL and different keyword/anchor phrases. It's important to build variety into keyword phrases; having them all the same looks highly unnatural to the search engines. It's wise to use 3-5+ similar phrases over time that support and complement each other - and also provide variety.

For example: 'weight loss dieting story', 'weight loss diet stories' & 'dieting stories for weight loss'. Each contains the main contextually significant words, but with minor variations. If you imagine how 100 different web-masters would link to your site, then you'd see that they'd use many different phrases for the hyperlink connecting to your site/page. This is what the search-engines expect to see when linking is natural.

You can also have multiple slots for 1 URL to change the 'weighting' of the submissions. For example; if you used 16 slots in total and 4 of them were to the same URL, then 25% of your slots have that URL, so 25% of your links will be built on that URL. (Each of those 4 slots could also have different keyword sets if you wish.) As opposed to if you used 16 different URL's, which would mean each URL would receive 1/16th of the total links.

Can I Use More Than One Keyword Per Page?

Again... Yes, you can and you should! Each 'Slot' can have multiple anchors or keywords. We provide 500 characters for anchor-text, so most members find they've got room for at least 20-40 different keyword variances. You simply enter the standard '|' separator character between each version:

e.g. Weight Loss|Rapid Weight Loss|Fast Weight Loss|Quick Weight Loss|Weight Loss Diets

We randomly select one of these keywords for each link we build to that URL; so they all get used individually. It's wise to enter as many variances on your keyword-theme as possible, to help add even more diversity to the link-building. Our Naturalisation option further extends all of these anchors into even more variations, and is essential since the Panda updates of 2011 & 2012.

If you use our Naturalisation option (and you SHOULD,) then you do NOT need to enter phrases like 'Click Here', or use your URL as the anchor-text; as this is taken care of automatically (and with much more variety) by our system.

Is This A Legitimate Method Of Building Back-Links?

Yes, of course it is, this is all legitimate commercial Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You can be confident that you're dealing with a professional E-Commerce company and not doing anything wrong.

You always have to bear in mind though that none of the Search Engine companies accept commercial link-building as part of their 'Terms of Service'. Search Engines see any attempt to increase rankings as 'manipulation' of their search algorithms, and they universally frown upon any type of link-building intended to increase your position. So although you're doing nothing wrong legally, ethically or commercially, you ARE going against the SE's TOS. This is an unfortunate fact of life with SEO. The Search Engines are private companies which impose their own rules; and many of them are opposite to the commercial needs of a modern business.

As companies operating in an online economy, we all have to make the decision whether we're going to use SEO to try and increase our 'natural search' rankings, or whether we're going to pander to the Search Engines and shell out the extraordinary costs involved with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Without any kind of commercially oriented SEO activity, you're not likely to ever rank for anything (not without years of waiting and fruitless work anyway.)

So we have to make a choice; do we use SEO to 'short-cut' the ranking process, (and accept sometimes negative or painful consequences!) or do we allow the SE's to dictate our commercial strategy. For more information around this subject, please read our owner's post: A 'Wake-up' Call For SEO.

Of course, one of the big advantages of using any automated form of background link-building is that it creates constant 'link-noise' - a 'drip, drip, drip...' of inbound links. Since consistency is one of the most important factors for effective SEO, it's unwise to have large swings in link volume production. Automated production gives you a much wider 'band' to move around in - and establishes your site as one that attracts constant interest.

One way many people fail in SEO is they only do a little bit of link production, and then do a major 'push' to get lots of links. This gives them a short-term jump in rankings - and then it dwindles or even ends up in a worse position than before. This is mostly due to a lack of consistency, and a complete lack of any kind of established link-velocity, although Google has the infamous 'sand-box' effect when sites are less than 6m old - and they also have 'honeymoon' periods to allow for high-ranking news items that quickly disappear.

What Are The Rules In Terms Of Who Can Use This System? (Our Ethical Policy)

We have strict rules on WHO can join the system, as we will not allow its integrity to be compromised and affect all our hard work. We will refuse any sites that engage in the following: Pornography/Adult/Sex related (including but not limited to male enhancement, escort/sex services, sex toys etc.,) gambling/casino's, viagra/pharmacy (we allow homeopathic remedies - but nothing sex related), any unethical/hate related or fraudulent material, or any other site that we consider may cause serious upset to site owners.

However, we do take clients from these 'difficult' niches - using other systems. Email us for details.

Our staff (and software systems) will check every page that we are provided to link to. If any page is found to contain or be part of a site that promotes these areas (or anything obviously illegal) then your site will not be approved for inclusion. If you have no other sites that are suitable then we will cancel your membership. If you're really concerned about your site, email us with the URL's and we'll let you know. Don't worry though, we DO have a sense of humour, we're not trying to censor anything - we just need to make sure that everything we include doesn't 'cross the line' (in terms of linking and system integrity) and affect everyone else. Our Directors discretion will be full and final.

What Restrictions Are There On Where A Link Can Point?

We want clients to be able to link to any of their content on the web. If you want to build back-links to your facebook page or WordPress.com micro-blog, you can do - in fact, we recommend it. If you'd like them to go to one of your Tumblr blogs or a high-quality article - you can do that too.

This process of linking through Web 2.0 sites should be a part of everyone's SEO strategy, as it not only passes link authority for your keywords, but also leeches 'trust rank' from these High PR sites to add extra power to your links. Flexibility is the name of the game. As long as you meet our Ethical Policy guidelines, then the sky is the limit.

How Does It All Work?

We have access to a large array of general & niche information sites - growing by tens of thousands of new pages every month, and spread across many different IP addresses.

You can promote up to 20 different combinations of keywords and landing page URL's for just $67p.m.

You will receive up to 1,200 contextual links built each and every month. Each link is inserted with a 'relevant' article; you choose from our 60+ content categories. (You never have to supply content.) Every link is automatically 'Naturalised' with our bespoke anchor-text control system. You choose the level of optimisation/de-optimisation.

And then the system kicks into over-drive... Over the next 2-4 weeks we build, (and slowly 'encourage' search engine crawling/spidering) over 1,000 'blog comment' links and 1,000 'profile' links (on web 2.0 properties and forums.) All of these are pointed at the content pages, (thus creating several comment and profile links to each page.) We use our 'crawling' technologies to ensure that these are slowly found over a period of time by the search engines - so it doesn't look unnatural or too quick.

So now you've got thousands more links, in a second 'tier', 'juicing-up' the link power of the initial content submissions... We've just created a gigantic '2-tier link-pyramid' for you; and we do this EVERY MONTH.

You can divide your back-links up across multiple sites/pages or anchor text combinations. i.e. If you had four sites to promote, you could choose 5 pages on each and give some of them multiple keyword phrases.

Each of the 20 'slots' has 1 link built each day; creating 600 links/pages per month (20 slots x 30 days).
There is also a 'boost' option, (at individual slot-level,) which doubles the link-building for that slot.

Therefore, if you enable boost on all 20 slots, we'd create around 1,200 links per month. If you wanted to be more cautious with half the pages, then we'd build around 900 links per month, and if you didn't use 'boost' at all, then it would be 600 links per month. By using the 'boost' feature, we give members the choice of how hard to 'push' a page in terms of link-building; it's up to you! If a slot if left blank/unused, then the system randomly picks one of the 'populated' slots to use; so you still receive the same overall links per month, just over fewer URLs.

If this sounds confusing, don't worry - we have a simple SEO Basics tutorial which explains this (as well as some SEO theory & strategy) in more depth HERE. We show you exactly how to go about picking the best combinations and how to avoid the common pitfalls. It's really a lot simpler than it seems at first!

Of course, you'll need to take some interest in SEO strategy, as we can only do so much. You still need to ensure that you've read our advice (and other good sources of information) and implemented a sensible strategy that will provide long-term and steady ranking growth. We can provide the tools and guidance, but we can't know every single situation or link-profile; so you should spend time understanding the science of SEO and how it applies to your sites.

For more information on our system (and comparisons to other methods) please click on the More Info tab.

Why Should I Stay With This Link-Building System?

Every month, you'll get the benefit of thousands of new links created for your sites, and as long as you stay in, this will keep on increasing.

Remember, we designed this system for our own use (we just stuck a 'pretty' front-end on it for clients,) so it will be continually expanded upon, improved and diversified for our own needs - you can just enjoy the ride!

And don't forget that to ensure system integrity, and keep the loading at a comfortable level, we have to control the number of members we allow into the system. Since many positions are permanently reserved for us and our business clients, we only have room for a certain number of subscribers.

Once the system reaches its capacity - we will have to close new registrations.

The real key to success and longevity of ranking (and thus visitors to your website) is a continual and consistent growth of diverse back-links. Adding in various Web 2.0 properties (that direct-link to your main sites/pages) will further increase the effectiveness of the program. By 'Web 2.0' properties we mean high authority social sites such as Hub-Pages, Tumblr, Facebook, MySpace, Wordpress blogs etc. Pointing your links at a page created in one of these areas, and then pointing the links from that page to your website, (called 'pass-through' linking,) has enormous benefits for SEO, because you 'borrow' trust-rank from these sites - which further boosts the effectiveness of your links.

What's The Catch?

There isn't one... But please don't expect instant results. SEO is not a quick-fix - but a mid-term 'proper' fix. That's one of the reasons why we've kept the price low - this is something that can just sit in the background and be forgotten about. Your back-links (and consequently your presence on the web) will build solidly and progressively over the months/years.

You should also use as many other diverse methods as you are able to afford and manage. All the main back-link building methods are covered on the 'More Info' page. Most systems that come close to providing our level of service charge at least double the price. And most also require you to produce time-consuming content.

If anything, since the Google Panda Updates of 2011, the 'catch' is on your side; is your site 'worthy' of ranking?

Back-link building is not a cover-up or solution for a low quality site. If you promote low-quality sites with minimal content, then don't expect back-link building to catapult you to success...

Regular, high quality and original content is what the search engines love. They hate 'thin' sites and web-pages that offer no real value to the searcher. You need to ask yourself, if you landed on one of your pages, would you feel cheated or let down? Or would you feel that you'd actually found information of value? And be honest with yourself! If you'd turn away and look elsewhere, why do you think any of your visitors would do any different, let alone the search engines?

If you take time to provide good quality information, in a simple to access fashion, then visitors will love you for it... and most of the time, so will Google etc. And that's where proper SEO and back-linking practices come in. Back-linking is like a new coat of paint for a metal pole; if it's rusty and falling apart, it will yield a poor quality finish - and flake away quickly. However, if it's clean, shiny and well maintained, a good coat of paint will last a long time!

Can I Get A List Of The Sites Where My Links Come From?

We do not and will not provide a list of site links. Tracking these is an enormously time-consuming task, and so we'd rather utilise our resources on building and crawling new back-links. The primary objective of a system of this nature is to raise your website in the search engines via scaled outbound link-building, not to attract traffic which is then diverted to your site via the links (although this may happen from time to time).

When we first started, we DID provide some lists, but ended up with huge problems with members spamming and mass-pinging the pages that had been built - to try and increase their rankings and get them indexed quickly. This ends up damaging the site in question and often kills the server, meaning loss of sites.

At the end of the day, this may not suit everybody; we really do understand that. But please also realise that we, like many other systems in the SEO industry, we simply cannot provide these lists to you; we have to protect the sites and system above all else.

If you simply must have this facility, then you'd need to look for an alternate system, as we will not under any circumstances provide you with any kind of link reports. Our system purposely uses random factors during the building of your links to avoid footprint creation; and since we won't provide link lists for the reasons explained above, we don't store the data indexed against the member/owner of that URL. Therefore, it is impossible for us to provide any kind of link lists or locations, as we have no way of knowing which submissions contain your links.

Will I Get A Monthly Report Of Some Type?

Essentially, there are no 'reports' or information to provide you. As we've already said, we don't provide any kind of link lists for several important reasons. It's a never-ending cycle of constantly dripped links, building your link velocity and increasing the 'activity' signals to your sites.

How Do I Know For Certain That My Links Are Building Each Month?

Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast when it comes to SEO and the internet. We have literally millions of individual pages that we've never visited, that contain links to the nearly 50,000 pages in our personal business & sales network. We know they're out there benefiting us because of the continuing growth and increased rankings in the natural search listings. We also have in-house software which monitors the system and gives us feedback and certain stats. The search engines will also 'spider' and index those pages at varying speeds, and no-one has any control over this.

It's a bit like going to the gym really - you know you're doing the right thing, but it takes time for the results to become visible. What you'll see is the effect of the back-links driving you up the search listings for the search terms you've specified. And don't forget to be checking in Bing/Yahoo too - everyone needs to get out of the 'Google Only' habit!

What Tools & Link Building Methods Do You Use?

We sometimes get asked about the tools and methods we use. But we simply can't discuss these, for obvious reasons. Much of the software and the key distribution systems we use are in-house bespoke technology, but we also use just about every main SEO tool on the public market.

You need to understand that a tool is just that; a piece of software to do a job. What really matters is the strategy with which you use and guide that tool. The best software used incorrectly will yield awful results; whereas some very simple software, if used in the correct way can generate staggering results. It's not about the software systems, (although these are important to us to be able to cope with the 'scale' that we do,) it's all about correct SEO strategy and implementation, via whatever tools most closely fit that job in question. Years and years of front-line experience, coupled with massive-scale empirical testing are what sets us apart.

For the average person to try and recreate what we do would require huge resources, a lot of money, years of experience, and a lot of personal time. The whole point of this system is for it to be 'hands off' for you, the member; so you can concentrate on what's important; your sites and developing your business.

Are All My Links Submitted As Part Of Proper, Original/Unique Content?

We buy large quantities of content from many different providers, and also use our own in-house writers as well. We then utilise our own proprietary parsing technology to reconstruct and re-author it into thousands of different versions. We’ve never had any problems producing original content; and we push out millions of submissions per year.

All of your main content link submissions are placed with proper and unique 400-700 word 'articles' using correct English. (All our writers and content providers are native English speaking.) We also use over 300 different content topics & themes for massive footprint diversity, and these are grouped into around 60+ categories for you to choose from.

Assuming you use the 'Naturalisation' option (and you really always should,) the anchor-text will automatically be naturalised to avoid over-optimisation. This has all proved itself over the years to look the most natural and not 'spammy' in any way.

What About Content-Theme or Topic-Relevant Content?

Since the Google Panda & Penguin updates, there has been strong evidence of increased ranking power when a link is inserted with 'somewhat relevant' content on-page. Our system therefore allows you to choose the 'category' of content that we use to post your links in.

We've provided a broad range of categories (based on our current user-base statistics, the most typical niche areas, and our existing content libraries), as well as some fairly generic marketing ones, but we simply cannot (and will not attempt to) cover every eventuality/niche...

Many members may find that they sometimes have to choose categories that are only very loosely connected, but this will still massively help with any content-relevance concerns. You can still opt to use completely random/cycled content for wider variety (and for public sites/2.0's/YouTube etc. where content diversity is very useful and there's zero risk/down-side to you, as you don't own the asset,) but you can now select a relevant category - if you feel inclined.

While we will continue to provide as wide a range of content categories as possible, we cannot entertain specific and individual requests for niches/areas that are not currently covered, (or allow members to use their own content; as it takes too much time to check and approve spun content.)

We will be actively monitoring the subject categories for their level of use, and over time we'll tweak and update them. We have many more categories of content than are not represented in the drop-down list, but many of them are too obscure/specific for general use. However, these still get used in the 'random (default)' option.

What About Using Newer Sites? How Should I Handle Them?

Typically, with new sites (less than 6 months old), you generally need to expect some kind of ranking ‘bounce’, as otherwise you’re link building process is going to be very slow indeed. One of the most important basics to establish is a good link velocity, and you can’t establish this without building a reasonable quantity of links. Of course, you should scale this up over time, but the principle remains that the very technique you need to use to build link velocity, will normally cause some ranking bounce with newer sites (or sites that have had little or no linking for a long time.)

It’s often not what most people want to hear, but we don’t even measure rankings until a site is 3-4 months old. As otherwise, it’s endless sleepless nights and angst over factors you have no real control over!

It’s like being on a diet and weighing yourself ever day; your weight fluctuates and you’re constantly anxious over progress. If you left it a month, and then weighed (assuming you’d kept to the diet,) you’d have lost a decent amount of weight and would be proud of your progress. It’s the same with SEO.

Over-measuring can cause undue stress and worry over nothing. Google has regular little ‘spasms’ in its rankings, and the smallest effect can have a gigantic impact on rankings in the first few months. We’d personally rather spend the first 3-4 months establishing a good link-velocity with proper content-based dripped links and wide diversity, and THEN start measuring the progress. It’s nearly always better, once you’ve got a site up and running and have kicked-off the link-building, to walk away and move onto the next project, and/or focus on further development of your content and site assets.

In terms of link volume and Backlink Banzai, then you need to remember that we build approx 600-1,200 contextual links to your entire account each month; depending on the 'boost' settings for each slot. If you have all 20 slots filled, then each slot gets 5% of the overall activity; 'un-boosted', this would be 30 content-based links per month, and 'boosted' this would be 60 content-based links per month. With varied anchor text, this is fairly minimal, and these are also 'dripped' out each day over the month.

However, if it was a newer site, you also need to consider not just how many links are built to that page, but how many links are being built to the domain in it’s entirety. i.e. If you used 20 slots with all different pages, but all to the same domain, (and it’s a brand new site,) then you now have 600-1,200 direct-links being built to that site in a single month. This is probably way too many for a typical new site at the start, even drip-fed, unless you’ve already started building link velocity previously. You could ramp up to that over the months, but kicking off a new site with that many links is not wise.

The optimal configuration on a 'newish' domain is probably 3-5 slots max (when all 20 are used – so 15-25% of the links). So what do you do with the other slots? Use other domains if you have them of course; so if you have 5 domains, then put 4 slots in for each domain. If you have some aged domains, then you can increase the number to that domain safely.

But what do you do if you only own 1 or 2 domains? The safest and most effective route would be to use some Banzai slots to back-link to existing strong links on high PR or authority sites, thus increasing their power, and simultaneously avoiding too much direct-linking to your new domain.

Web 2.0’s really come into their own here... If you spend a few hours creating some good, personal micro-blogs on places like wordpress.com or tumblr.com etc. and add a link or two back to your site, then you can now drive quite high volumes of Banzai links to these 2.0’s. These sites are aged and have high PR/trust/authority, so they can take a lot of 2nd tier links thrown at them. Using 2.0’s is always good practice anyway, as they can really help stabilise rankings by leeching that trust/authority from the 2.0 domain.

What Is The Page-Rank (PR) Of The Sites You Submit To?

We occasionally get asked this question by some marketers, but it indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of the back-link building (and Backlink Banzai design) concept. The Google PR of the vast majority of these sites is low. But this is completely irrelevant... You need to understand that Backlink Banzai is a system designed to create volumes of anchor-diverse links for building link-velocity & link-authority, not trust-rank.

Most marketers will actually find that a couple of hundred in-bound links will give them a high ranking for a well-chosen 'long-tail' keyword phrase. You build trust-rank and site-authority by using pass-through linking from the Web 2.0 properties we've discussed.

Other ways include adding a very large number of original pages to your site (we're talking tens of thousands) to try and self-create authority-rank, or to buy/rent a few specific high-PR inbound links. A single Google-PR8 link will normally cost around $1,500 per year - so it's not cheap - and we've been burned several times. And really, if you're going after phrases that require very high PR inbound links, then our system is only going to be one small part of your arsenal. We have SEO members who have 5-50 accounts with us, just for 'powering-up' hundreds of 2.0's and their own mini-networks (We offer discounts for account-volume).

Don't get hung-up on Google Page-Rank; enough SEO professionals have explained time and time again, that this is NOT a particularly useful or relevant metric to link-building. Concentrate on building a steady and consistent volume of in-bound permanent links with the correct (and highly varied) anchor-text, and you'll get the results you're looking for.

Page Rank is fast becoming out-dated in terms of SEO use, and Google themselves state that it doesn't reflect in organic rankings for keyword phrases, and have now seemingly discontinued updates. Factors like on-page keyword optimisation, overall in-bound links to a site, in-bound links to a page and page-title/headers play a far more important role in most pages organic ranking than 'Page Rank' does.

Will Your System Create A Footprint On My Site?

No, it won't. There is nothing on your site that connects you to our system in any way at all.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is very easy, and it's completely under your control at all times. Simply log in to your PayPal account, locate the subscription transaction, and cancel your subscription there.

This is one of the main reasons we use PayPal - and not typical credit/debit card processing. Have you ever tried to cancel a subscription that you've set up with a credit card? It can be enormously difficult with some companies.

We want our subscribers to know that THEY have the power to control their payments. PayPal allow most credit/debit cards and also direct bank payments; they also allow you to update and change payment methods transparently. They're quite simply the number one on-line payment processor in the world.

PayPal subscription cancellation steps: Login to your PayPal account. Click on 'Profile: My Money' in the top bar. If you’re using the new PayPal account layout, then click the cog/settings icon next to the 'Log Out' button at the top right. Find the 'Pre-approved payments' link and click. Find the payment to 'Evolve Coaching Ltd' for 'Backlink Banzai' and select it. You can cancel it here.

Obviously, we don't want to lose your custom, but we'd rather you feel confident you're in complete financial control.

Once you've cancelled your PayPal subscription, our service will automatically terminate one calendar month from your last payment. Our members can cancel at any point in time, and they're not contracted/tied-in; but please note that we do not provide refunds for unused portions of a month. We keep building links right up to the last day that you've paid for (although you won't be able to make any slot changes during the last week or two of the cancellation period - as we wind your link-building down.)

Can We Remove Links After They're Built?

We occasionally get requests to 'remove' links for one reason or another: This cannot be done, for ANY reason. The systems we use to create links are not reversible.

By using an SEO service such as ours to build links, you take full responsibility for the fact that you're performing link-building to artificially increase rankings (...see Is This A Legitimate Method Of Building Back-Links?)

Do We Guarantee Link Indexing & Site/Page/Link Longevity?

No... By the very nature of SEO, this is simply impossible. Some links will get indexed, others will not. Sites that accept our links could remove them, close-up-shop, or get de-indexed from a particular search-engine. We have no control over this, or what any search-engine chooses to include/remove from it's results. Once the link is out there, we have zero control over what happens to it.

What Happens To My Links If I Cancel My Subscription?

When your subscription is cancelled, we do not (and quite simply cannot) delete them or 'turn them off'.

Obviously, we can't and won't provide any guarantees that any site or individual page will remain active; sites often close, restructure or get de-indexed - and some of your links will always naturally fall away over a period of time. But that's one of the reasons why it's so important to maintain a constant and steady flow of new links being built.

You may also experience some rank 'bounce' if you don't replace our link-building activity. Remember what we say everywhere in this site: Link-velocity & consistency is the key.

I Want To Ask Another Question That Isn't Covered Here...

Please feel free to email us at service@backlinkbanzai.com with any question you don't feel we've covered.

We'll publish all good questions and their answers here, along with any useful comments from our members. (Many of the above FAQ's have grown from questions we've been asked by our subscribers over the last 4-5 years.)

PLEASE make sure you've read through this site first though - there is an awful lot of information here. And if we had a dollar for every time we've been asked the same question that has been explained in depth already...


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